Work In Progress: Instructional Design and eLearning Development
DeAnza College Retention Workshop Materials and Course

The brief

The client is a counselor at DeAnza College in Cupertino, California.  She asked me to put her Student Success Workshop into Canvas LMS.  She wanted to increase engagement for a better student outcome.

To facilitate student success:
1. Update the PowerPoint Presentation 
2. Build and upload the complete course in Articulate Storyline 360 

3. Put the Quiz on Canvas

4. Create a 'handout' for the Workshop

5. Add a survey onto Canvas 

Platform and tools

16"2019 Macbook Pro, Photoshop 2020, Powerpoint, Articulate Storyline 360 on Parallel drive, Audacity, iMovie

The output

Play the screen recording above to see the 3m30s instructor-led PowerPoint speaker's notes in full. (No sound.)

If you prefer, you may view this 2m montage of the slides.  Sound has been added just for this portfolio. 

I suggested this HandOut (PDF) would facilitate engagement, and provide a useful resource for the student.  


I am currently building the course in Articulate Storyline 360, which will include video snippets of guest speakers, and gamified learning techniques.