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These current and former managers, colleagues, and clients know first-hand what it's like to work with me. 


Sylvia Celima
Director of Learning Development
(current direct manager)

Julie is a talented and knowledgeable Learning Experience Designer who has a unique ability to bring any vision or idea into reality. She consistently delivers within timeframes and exceeds expectations. Julie is able to plan, design and create learning experiences that are engaging, compliant, impactful and are simply beautiful. The user centred approach to her designs don't exclude her careful and well balanced consideration to business needs as well as budget requirements. She finds the perfect balance.
Julie is an all round, end to end, hands on employee that has an amazing can do attitude. She has been a reliable part of the team who is always willing to help in anyway possible. Julie has contributed to creating and maintaining a healthy workplace culture that is positive and supportive.
Simply put, she can light up the room and energise those lucky to work with her. Her innovative ideas, approach to problem solving and eye for detail is an asset to the team.

Gabrielle Piggin
Quality and Delivery Lead ANZ
(former direct manager)

Julie’s approach to Learning Experience Design is characterised by her discerning critical perspective and analytical lens. She consistently contributes to the conversation and collaboration by drawing on evidence-based and well-informed theories of practice that ultimately benefit the learner.

Her understanding of the technical aspects of HTML, our LMS, and the principles and development of multimedia enable her courses to target and sustain student engagement that align with course objectives and long-term course gains.

Laura Walker
Learning Experience Designer
(current colleague)

In the learning and development world, Julie epitomises excellence. With a diverse skill set encompassing HTML, web design, PhotoShop, and various online authoring tools, she brings vibrancy to her work while guided by her strong understanding of instructional design principles and adult learning theories.

She has an amazing talent for transforming dry, technical, and complex content into captivating and effective learning experiences. Julie infuses her creations with humour, storytelling, and real-life case studies, ensuring learners are not just engaged but fully immersed in the material. Her approach is always student-centred, prioritising the needs and motivations of adult learners, and she excels at writing in language and tone that resonates and drives home key concepts.

Working with Julie is always a joy, as she consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of her craft and an unwavering commitment to learner success. Her firecracker creativity, coupled with a growth mindset and insatiable curiosity, make her an awesome asset in any learning environment.


Charlotte Cogle
Creative Content Manager

I worked with Julie as an internal client (NZMA is part of UP Education) on the online launch of several new NZMA programmes. Julie worked closely with me, some of my team members, and my contracted SMEs. She is warm, friendly and professional to deal with. Her experience in learning design shows in the popularity of the courses that she worked on with our NZMA students. Julie always has great ideas and suggestions and was good partner to work with in problem solving. I personally have enjoyed our many conversations about learning design. I have always found her work to be of a high standard and delivered on time. I thoroughly recommend her.​

"Any employer would be lucky to have Julie as a Project Manager on their team! To this day; she stands out in my mind as one of the top PMs I have worked with. I give Julie Paulin my highest recommendation."

Ian Ransley

Graphic Designer, San Francisco

"Overall, she was a pleasure to work with, and I would jump at the chance to work with her again. She added value to nearly every aspect of the course, and would do well working with any group or team in a technical or creative capacity. "  

Shawn Pearson

Full Stack Software Developer, Oracle


Janet Weber

I asked Julie to put my instructor-led, student-retention workshop on our Canvas LMS so we could be more efficient with quizzes, attendance, and provide links to resources.  


I used a puzzle theme on a few of my PowerPoint slides that I gave to Julie. She took the idea and ran with it, creating fully animated, professional and branded slides that I feel proud to deliver to my students. 

I have been asked to deliver the presentation to management teams across departments since the course became extremely successful with the new materials. Not only do I find Julie’s work outstanding, but she is a pleasure to work with.  Patient when necessary, informative, creative and skilled – Julie is someone I would hire again and again. 


Steve Targus
National Call Center Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Julie for a couple of years at MYOB during a time of huge change for our organisation. Julie was very quickly identified as someone who would walk over broken glass for her clients, and it was because of this passion, that we were initially able to move her into a specialist role where she became responsible for improving how the rest of the team worked with our client base. Following this role, we were able to create a project manager role within our internal process improvement team, and I don’t think this role could have been done any better by anyone else. Julie’s passion for the client, alongside her always striving to help improve the performance of others will make her successful in anything she chooses to be. Would I hire her again? – In a heart beat.

Rebecca Burns
Manager - Case Management Office
(Direct Supervisor) 

Julie is a fabulous team contributer and consistently goes above and beyond to find the best solutions to complex problems that her colleagues and clients face. Julie’s passion for customer experience and process improvement, stakeholder engagement skills and innovative ideas make her an invaluable asset to any team or organisation seeking continuous improvement. Julie’s high attention to detail and strong work ethic make her an ideal candidate for various roles and she is highly recommended and missed by her team at Myob.


Tony Levitan
Former Founder/CEO

Over my career I have had the pleasure of working with a number of seriously talented customer-focused professionals. And, they could all learn a lesson or three from Julie. Jules joined my company, Egreetings, as a customer service rep and then fueled her rocket-like ascent through the organization with her positive energy, astute understanding of the vital intersection between products and customers who experience then, charming demeanor (even under intense pressure), and admirable capacity for figure shit out while navigating the VUCA environment of a start-up.

I recently reconnected with Julie following her protracted stay down under (New Zealand). If only my current organization had a role appropriate to leverage her myriad talents, I'd scoop her up in a heartbeat (and would likely keep the content of this recommendation to myself, lest it encourage others to compete with me in employing Jules). Alas, some other fortunate company will benefit from her vast talents, and I'll just envy them from afar.

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